Sunday, December 15, 2013

when all fails wear a dress

Well hello my curvy beauties, I have a  baby mommy fashion post. Before having my baby girl I wrote a blog post about mom fashion you can read it here . I expressed my thoughts in mom fashion and as I had imagined its very hard  I walked into my closet with a room full of maternity clothes and clothes that didn't fit me. It was beyond frustration I mean I daydreamed of the day I would wear my high heels again and those didn't even fit me. After 40 days after birth I've came to terms with my body and my style. Now I'm not saying its not a everyday struggle and sometimes I just want to wear PJ's all day, Hey why not right. But that's not who I am no way !!! So I try to dress my new body the best I can because your body after having a baby is different.

I've always been such a dress girl so finding  dresses that fit well with my body is the ones that stitch the waist and lose fitting on my hips. Like this leopard dress was perfect the print took away from the extra baby weight  and the belt enhanced my waist. I paired it with a Fancy Steps sweater light weight that also tied and had a v shape that also enhanced my curves. and some wedges but those where only used for the picture I took them off right after =( My feet are not liking heels to much baby steps I guess.

So here's my outfit I felt great wearing it I felt  like myself again. I still have allot of weight to lose but well take that one day at a time right !!!

Well hope you ladies are enjoying the christmas sprit with shopping and all the yummy hot chocolate and cookies !!!

Thanks for stopping by let me know how you battled your baby weight after having a baby would love  to hear from you. Talk to you soon

Yours ,

P.S Baby V wanted to say hi


John B. Marine said...

Please take care of yourself and be well. As for this dress outfit, you look as fabulous as ever. The wild leopard print dress is complimented sweetly by your equally wild wedge pumps. Great style- as only you can provide. Also, your baby girl looks as fabulous as you are. Total cutie she is! ^_^

Anyhow, take care, Candy!

Erica said...

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! And you look great as usual! :)


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