Thursday, June 12, 2014

little pathway project

 When you have a home there's so many projects that are going around in your mind that you feel that you might explode even pinterrest hasn't updated so much I'm on that thing nonstop.I had this dry no grass growing patch right outside my house I'm mean that was the first thing you saw when you came in and it bugged me. You know ever since I moved allot of things bug I might be getting OCD I don't like seeing things unorganized mmmm I wonder.,.. ok back to the project.

So I thought  how about some rocks and bricks make a walk way and straighten this little eye sore out

let me show you my outside project

I went with the red brick it went perfectly
My daughter wanted to part of the fun this is her and my husband straightening out the rocks. Ok when doing a project like this just remember you need allot I mean allot of rocks this little section alone took 7 bags of ocean rocks. After a quick run back to store we finished.

so here it is the finish project !!! super cute right just today I bought some solar lights and I placed them along the edges 

so if you have a eye sore in your home think about rocks and bricks they do wonders 

well ladies till the next project 
thanks for stopping by 



Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Looks great

John B. Marine said...

I haven't been on here in a long while. I hope you're doing well, Candy. This is a very nice project you've set up here. Nice touch provided with this little walkway.


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