Sunday, July 12, 2015

Body shamming

As you know the internat all it talks about is body shamming fat shamming practically anything that people can shame they do it  its crazy. So yesturday I went to the beach and took a picture of myself with my daughter on the beach. And I didn't think I looked to bad so I posted on my Ig page. As soon as I did I regretted it. Not because I didn't like the picture but I was worried of negative comments ... Not only life is hard because you aways have to worry for what people think of you. But now we have to worry about what people are going to think about you online!!!!

All my life I have dieted all my life I have near been skinny all my life I've struggles with all women struggle with weight. But for the the first time in my life every since I had my daughter I've stopped worrying. I don't know if its because I'm a mom now or life is just so busy to even think about what your eating. But for almost 2 years I have felt 100% accepting of myself. Its pretty cool that you come to terms with who you are and this all comes with age of course and security in your own life.

So to all my young girl going threw this new age of fat shamming and to my own daughter I tell you just wait be patient life gets better I promise

till net time

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Amy's Fashion Blog said...

girl you have always looked great.

John B. Marine said...

Candy, since first finding "Curves Ahead" and seeing your many outfits, I've always thought of you as beautiful. You have almost always had such exceptional style even if I didn't approve of certain outfits. Keep up the great work with all that you do.


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