Monday, July 27, 2015

to diet

I just finished reading article about a women that lost 200 pounds and I think to myself how !!! Since I had my daughter I have failed I mean failed every time I TRY to diet. I don't know what it is ... all day I'm doing things park time, shopping, grocery shopping, cleaning ,washing clothes the list goes on and on and I just don't have the energy to eat healthily or in my case all protein. When I do start I get so tired  and its not worth it after a long day I just want to eat. Maybe food is my comfort ??? or maybe since I'm mom it doesn't mater any more.

I want to look good I want my back to stop hurting but I feel this pressure to get on a diet maybe because ALL my life I have been on a diet go to GYM all the time to not gain weight or keep my weight under control.

With every attempt and every fail I get more discourage to live the diet lifestyle.How do you make yourself work out any tips how I can get out of my no diet plan

talk to you soon


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Anonymous said...

Candy don't diet do nutrition, hear Liz Maria Briseno a certified nutriologist, she is Radio Jose Riverside @ 12 I hear her through tune fm just type Jose radio riverside n it will come up. She has a couple of books out available on Barnes n Noble, las herramientas del cuerpo, cuerpazo a caulquier edad, she doesn't believe in dieting but good nutrition healing ur body through good eating no meal replacements but following an eating schedule, drinking vegetable n fruit smoothies. Hear her look her up, in Instagram and there slot of followers on Facebook called club curvas sin fronteras. Good luck, and god bless.


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