Friday, July 30, 2010

House project ~~~ Everyday Holds a Possibility of a Miacle ~~

So I went to my local home goods store  and I saw these quotes so cute there quotes that you can glue on to your wall and it looks like you wrote it it was ten bucks so I bought it I had the most perfect spot to put it in . 
 Well the instruction  say clean the wall take strips of paper of the back of the lettering .

Then measure the the location and place them on the wall , then with this card like cardboard piece take all the air out of the pieces . The letters should start transferring on the the wall .
Well that easier said then done !!!! they where a pain to get out off the paper
but my handy husband was there to help 

So letter by letter we carefully took the covering 
If you plan to buy something like this I suggest you buy all big letters for the middle part was such a pain to pill off .But the finish project was well worth the effort looks awesome is always nice to have a little inspiration any time of the day !!!

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Christine said...

Thats beautiful <3


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