Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July Besties

July has almost left us and I wanted to do a blog on my all time favorite purchases this month and how the products I bought have been !!! it was hard to chose but I narrowed it down to couple categorizes.Hope you guys enjoy thanks for following and stopping by 

Ok so it's
lip stick  - Paris NYX
lip gloss - Quiver form urban Decay
eyeliner - I have two favorite I couldn't decided pencil from ultra waterproof in black and Lorac cream liner
eye shadow -Shag Urban Decay
perfume or lotion - Victoria Secret -candy baby and Juicy sold perfume 
blush - Surprisingly ELF all over cover stick (Golden Peach)
and my favorite - shoes - Black Michael Antonio 5inches gold trim

I'll update every month !!!
Here's the Lipstick and the lip gloss Nyx surprised how creamy and nice there lipsticks are

Eyeliner pencil from Ultra has been my favorite its stays on all day I don't even need to retouch it and that's always hard to find and for a dollar it was perfect ! and the cream liner from Lorac  super awesome so bright on the black is really nice pigment and it has a white highlight on the top Sephora for $7.50 on sale
Eye shadow is actually a pigment from Urban decay in Shag !! omg this is awesome goes on so nice and gives you a dramatic look hands down awesome !!!
 there's nothing better then smelling good well at least for me I love a good perfume but I've never been a fan of buying but I'm going to start .My collection only has three so every month I find a new one this month lotion  was Victoria Secret Candy baby it smells so good like cotton candy  for 12.00 . And Juicy solid perfume block is pretty awesome I keep in my purse and use it all the time I had never seen a perfume block so I'm  a fan now !!
Oh and we can't forget blush , I got this at target for a Dollar I didn't think much about it but wow it gives you a nice shine where you need it definitely great purchase .
The best for last.. shoes... I have over 120 pairs of shoes the taller the better jajajaj I love shoes like I love make up mmmm find I had to chose one mmm that's a tough one


Christine said...

Amazing <3
Stunning shoes, i want them :)

I got a pair of shoes in the mail today, been wathing for my babies forever haha :)

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

Thanks girly yes these shoes are amazing =)
Omg i want to sell you everything let me know about these shoes my sis in law gets them for me where she works so I get a good deal

Unknown said...

I love the elf blush. Especially in pink lemonade! :) Great favorites <3

Christine said...

That is amazing :) :) :)
and thank you for your comment, did you see the little icon on my blog or is it gone? its there when i view my profile.

xoxo Christine


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