Sunday, August 1, 2010

OH My Could it be another Make up haul

So on Friday I got a small package of Ultra nothing to crazy just some lipsticks from NYX which by the way there  amazing jajajaj and went to Target  and picked up some ELF products and went to Sally's to buy a curling iron and that didn't go so well jajaj.
and two little blocks for my make up station with my husband J and my name C 

Six lips sticks
first left side red  610 - Celebrate
secound down shimmer pink  619-  Flower
Top middle dark pink  616- watermelon
bottom middle nude 630 pumpkin Pie
third row pink 509- Narcissus
last one nude /pink color Iris 501
On sale at ultra 2.50each

Elf products $1 each at Target
Like always thanks for stopping by =)


Donna said...

you should do lip swatches of the lipstick!

Christine said...

loveee this <3

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

OH I know I forgot ,I'm such a dummy I'll edit , thanks =)


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