Sunday, August 1, 2010

using creativity in different ways !!!!! Super projects !!!!!

using creativity  in different ways... I went to a great fabric store and bought different fabrics to display for my background when I post  make on and all the little things I post on here. Instead of a ugly background you can see these cool fabrics. While I was there I had been wanting  to design some shirts with that cool shoulder design so I found some  different fabrics things for 50 cents I was going crazy my imagination was going wild !!!

Hope you guys enjoy my new projects 

I got a regular H&M top and going to put these pearls sequence on both shoulders 

I got this blue forever 21 plain top , and going to put the  black sequence on the top of the shirt

I went to H&M today, I hand in mind my new project  so I got plain  tops this one had little strips across it 
so I'm going to sew these little sequence on each side 
And this pink sweater I'm going to put a bit of bling on it


Princess Feef said...

awesome ! great idea .

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

thank I have to put my sewing skills in practice, thanks for stopping by


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