Thursday, November 18, 2010

Review Thursday's

Hey my pretty ladies how you doing hopefully good !!! from the title of this post you can see I'm going to start a review Thursday , on new products that I'm going to try out and let you ladies know how I liked or disliked them . Hope you enjoy these post , if you have anything you like me to review please let me know .
The Victim Today is Stilla One Step Foundation
My likes - well this product seemed like the best thing ever when I saw it it has everything in one step
Primer, foundation, concealer and powder all in one . So can't get better then that ,  everything in one but like they say you can't have everything and that is so true on this product .What I really enjoyed was the porcelain finish .

My dislikes - This foundation is super thick I mean like clay I felt so cakey since it has all that stuff going on its really thick , and if your into that then its great but if your  more like me  sheer foundation . I suggest you look for something else for it also leaves your skin very matte , so if you have dry skin this product can dry you out a bit more .

Overall - I won't be buying this again for I like more sheer foundations but I will use it if I'm going out or I'm having a brake out moment =)

Like always this is my own opinion and hopefully it helps you guys if you where interested in this product

I have two up coming reviews which one would you like for me to review it would be awesome to hear form you guys =) your guys comments makes me day every day

The Eos Lip balm

Target Eye makeup remover

Can't wait to hear from  you guys , talk to you later till next time

Yours Truly, 
Curves Ahead


Aranza said...

Girl, I have both the EOS and the Target remover! Can't wait for your review!

I was actually looking into that foundation, but i also dont want heavy cackey coverage! needless to say, I will not buy lol...I should stick to minerals and BB creams for ever =P

Anonymous said...

oh, the make up remover review please! :) I´m still looking for the perfect one!


Andrea said...

thanks for the review! it was very useful! :)


KayKay said...

thnx for the review. ive been thinking of getting this bc i do need a primer and having it all it one sounds like a good deal. review the makeup remover next only bc im on the search for a good one :)
take care

Cindia said...

I read a lip balm review so Id like to see YOUR take on it.

Anonymous said...

Good review! I personally love the EOS lip balm :D

Alexis the Honey B said...

I'm not a big foundation wearer, but this is a great review! thanks for the heads up doll! =]

Amber said...

Oh yay you got the makeup remover :)
Cant wait to see what you think about it!

Donna said...

Nice review! I was curious about that foundation i haaaatee heavy and cakey eyeshadows! cant wait for your next review :)

ohyouprettythings said...

Great Review! I was thinking about that foundation but i just couldn't shell out the cash!!

Makeup And Fashion Freak said...

i simply lovd the lip balm..n i think since i have a combination skin, this might not suit me..

From Suns To Moons said...

I never wear foundation, which means that Stila product is perfect for lazy gals like me, no?

liz said...

That little EOS thing looks cute and I love that it's organic!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

The ESO Lip one would be a great review to do next.


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