Friday, October 14, 2011

Moment for life

Good morning my beautiful friends , its Friday and feels great for the weekend to get here I've been so busy this week !!!  Fancy Steps its been a bit crazy to get everything done and ready for opening day is
Monday 17,2011
I'm so excited and completely blessed of all the great responses Aggie on our shoe Boutique . I wanted to thank you all for support  and hopefully we see you all on Monday at our wed site release . If you would like to hear more about our online store you can like us here on face book
or on twitter 

This experience has been amazing we still have allot to learn and to do, this wed site is very personal one on one customer service its made by women for women to understand what YOU  like. To make you feel amazing in your new shoes . We also have  a blog that will show you tips on styling the shoes and what's on trend . All the expenses of this project  our  from our efforts as well as merchandise nothing on our wed site is sponsored !!!
We have given couple sneak peaks on the shoes that I wanted to share with you ladies !!! So please mark  your calendars grand opening Monday !!! all shoes will be up and for sale  and nothing I mean nothing is over 100 dollars all the shoes are so amazing and affordable. If you spend 100 you get free shipping !!!(domestic only )

I'm having a Niki Minaj moment 
"Moment for life "
thank you for all the support  we appreciate you guys and look forward to know your experience with Fancy Steps 
thanks Bunches !!!
Here's the sneak peek 
Le' Blue
there's going to be a great giveaway on opening day!!!

Yours , 



Dani*LaLa said...

OMG!!! I'm still eyeballing those LOVE shoes. They are so pretty =)

Can't wait for Monday!!!

Product Gal said...

Excellent shoes. I think it's great you are starting your own business.

BTW, I'm usually at The Girlie Blog, but I just started a new one. Please check it out:

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!


BTW. Check out my giveaway |

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Giveaway on opening day? How exciting ;D haha

& goodness opening day is just around the corner!


Gaby Fauchon said...

Oh wow, love the Twinkle!!!

If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...

So pretty!!

Mihaela said...

Great post. I really like your blog.^^

my blog♥mfashionfreak

Please follow me if you're not already so I could make a GIVEAWAY. I'd love to get more followers! I'll follow you back.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

super cute shoe

Unknown said...

"Congratulations" doll and I'm sure is going to be an amazing experienced. Best of luck to you and of course you have my support and already following you there too.

<3 Marina


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