Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend girlie look 30 by 30 edition

Hello ladies hope you all enjoyed your weekend !!! Ive been on my 30 by 30 project and it's been going great I'm really enjoying not having to say " I have nothing to wear " here's the recap of my week I missed pictures of my first two days .

But here it is how are you doing on this project ?? follow me on face book to see the everyday outfit post !!Facebook

So that's a wrap first week down the key to this project is key pieces that you can mix and match !!

Yours ,

1 picture 2 day was vday had a polka dots shirt with a black skirt and my pink blazer .

2 picture 3 day green cardi from forever 21 hadn't worn paired it with black jeans , riding boots and a zip jacket and a Fancy Scarf 

3rd picture 4th day Vibrant blue pants ,lose black top hadn't worn paired it with my pink blazer
4th picture 5th day Cotton dress that I also hadn't worn with this sheer cardi belted the look with a brown belt

5th picture 6th day Remixed the black pants added a cream sheer shirt pop some color with Fancy Scarf  and some nude Fancy Steps MJ Nude
6th picture 7th day Black dress that I also had never worn , red blazer paired with a this leopard belt and  Nude fancy stpes Mary Jane's s


Gaby Fauchon said...

OMG! That pink blazer/cardi! <3

Unknown said...

Looking good my friend cant wait to see you!

John B. Marine said...

I'll go picture-by-picture here.

1.) You have such a pretty face and lovely hair! :) Cute polka dot top.

2.) While there are some who dislike certain flat boots, I tend to find riding boots the loveliest of flat boots. Their sleek and elegant appearance makes them charming. Speaking of charming, they look nice on you along with the rest of the outfit.

3.) Your pink blazer is lovely. Not sure if those are boots or pumps, but I like those as well. These cobalt blue pants are a nice compliment to your top here.

4.) I complimented this look on your Facebook fan page. Pink and plum never looked so lovely together. Same goes for pink and plum along with some lovely skin-tone pumps.

5.) I love the scarf most of this entire outfit. Cute shirt and pumps as well.

6.) Seeing this look earlier today on your Facebook fan page, your beauty captivates again. Love the blazer and the pumps. Nice dress, too.

Doing great with the 30 by 30 challenge, Candy! Keep it up! :D

Natalie said...

Love all the looks, you're so creative and colorful, I love how you incorporate so many diff colors and you still set it off! I need to be more daring. :) Have a great week Candy.

Adriana said...

Very cute! I love the second outfit!

Jessica said...

You look amazing. I love all of your clothes. Sometime I really must got shopping with you.

Erica said...

Gorgeous! All amazing outfits. I can't even pick a fav!!

Unknown said...

Love the pink blazer, you killing them girl! love it.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Great looks.

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Lovely. I like how you mixed casual with dressy pieces.

Unknown said...

Love that red blazer! Hot!

FanceeeNanceee said...

Ahh I am so loving this whole 30 by 30 thing! I can't believe how many looks you can put together with only a few pieces of clothing! You're so good! I love them all!

bananas. said...

pink blazer for the win!!!

if i were you i'd wear it as much as possible.

Joy Shana said...

Love you blazer


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