Thursday, June 13, 2013

Polka dots

Hey ladies and gents hope your doing well, Today's  post is a OOTD with my Prego belly everyday its more challenging to see what to wear and how to wear it.Slowly my closet is becoming a memory to me  for the clothes don't really fit me.But that's  OK that just means more shopping and that's never bad !!!

Here's a remix I did with some pieces I had in my own closet.
So when all fails just show off that belly I'm telling you this is the only time you can get away with it.

Fancy Steps Skirt , Old Top and some cape toe heels that I didn't wear for very long for my legs aren't feeling the heels at all.

beware ladies when wearing tight skirts like this one you can have some serious booty action going, But if you don't mind that ,show what your momma give you !!!

So ladies show off that belly your blessed to have that little gift inside you  lets show it off !!

Hope you liked my post I'll talk to you all soon

take care and Keep it Fancy



MissAshDG said...

you look gorgeous!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

you look so adorable with your baby bump

Unknown said...

Pregnancy definitely fits you doll. Glowing.

<3 Marina


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