Monday, June 17, 2013

the overwhelming Project

As the time passes the more anxious I get to meet my little baby I have a amazing bond with him or her we talk all day and of course we hang out all day. Something about having a little life inside me has really have made  life complete. I've living the time of my life waiting for my little one to arrive. Waiting for  the baby to arrive we have gone under some serious rearranging of my small home. And with a big belly and not capable to do much it has been a real challenge. But we are almost there and the baby's room has been cleared out.

Here's some pictures of the processes

Well we had to put a wall up to divided the house so here's the construction part we also added a skylight for the baby room.
 So here's the closet that had to be completely removed for this will be the babies room

The Sky light did such a differance in this room it opened it up and of course brings in the most amazing natural light that I wanted for the baby. 

Caution Next pictures !!! mess and beyond 

Yes it was a mission,to move this all I also had a blog sale that I hosted on Facebook that saved me. I was able to get some of these things out.

So in the meantime the room where the closet was going to go was being painted and getting ready to hold all my treasures. Which mind you this room is way smaller. 

I felt like a lifetime but everything fit and the room has been moved !!! 
Thanks to my parents that helped me and my husband without there help I could have never done this.

The room is empty yeeey here's some pieces I just picked up that I will show you on another post 

Empty !!! the never ending project Has been complete now the real fun starts. The baby decoration starts, I have so many plans but we should know the gender of the baby in the next two weeks then I really know if to go with pink or blue. 

thanks for stopping by and seeing how my life is changing little by little getting ready for my little blessing . Talk to you soon let me know what you think about the improvements!!!




Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Can't wait to see the finish project

Unknown said...

WOW! That was a huge project in just moving your whole closet to another room but yay!!! Mission accomplished!! Now Baby's room will be so much fun! Congrats girl and I can't wait to know the gender and see the room. Now rest up and take it easy ;)

Unknown said...

Congrats once again on your pregnancy doll and can't wait to see your little one's room I just know is going to be fabulous.

<3 Marina


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