Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How can this be !!!

Well hello blogger world . I'm about 30 weeks pregnant now and I've came to the conclusion that I haven't gained all the weight I had lost before my pregnancy how is this possible .... its been a real hard  pill to swallow to see how much I had let myself go and the worse part is I didn't even notice. HOW is this possible  I lost 45 pounds and now at 30 weeks pregnant I've gained 38 pounds is that crazy !!!! its been a real reality check for me . I plan to go back to my diet plan after the baby because if I lost that much once I'm almost sure I can lose it again. But really I have no pressure to get back all back in shape I really want to enjoy baby Violet.

SO Here's a updated prego picture of me !!! and my prego fashion can you believe this dress was mine wen I was over weight. Yeah I know what was I thinking  .

yes that side view of my tummy is intense but baby violet there she's blowing kisses xoxo

My first family picture I love it !!!

well ladies hope you have a great day thanks for stopping by
I will talk to you all soon

take care
Curves & violet 


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

your look amazing. You will have no problem losing the baby weight

Unknown said...

Girl you look amazing! You guys look so happy can't wait to see baby violet!


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