Saturday, September 7, 2013

Its a 8 year celebration

Well hello my pretty girls !!! the memorial weekend and the week was jammed pack with this to do. But I'm telling you being pregnant you forget things its kinda crazy how much you forget. Like forgetting my 8 year anniversary !!! well I didn't forget forget but until my husband text me on Tuesday  September 3rd I was like oh crap I had totally forgotten. Well before you give me that look yeah I see it, we went to Vegas for the memorial weekend  as a celebration of our anniversary so really we celebrated all weekend long soooo I'm not the worse wife ever lol.

   But before Violet my baby it was all about us what to do what to spend on what present to get etc etc now its "we can go shopping for Violet " or " lets buy that stroller that's 700.00 " how life changes and I love every change about it

This is me 30 weeks pregnant blessed to have this little princess with me can't wait to meet her I waited 8 years we can do 2 more months !!!

TO my husband the man that has made my life complete , we have grown and life with out you would be incomplete. We are now a family of three can't wait to see what God has lined for us.

How did I get so lucky I thank God everyday for my family thank you for the best 8 years of my life .

Well friends thanks for stopping by as I proclaim my love to my husband !!! hope to see you back soon on my next post. Thanks for stopping by


Curves And Violet


John B. Marine said...

Congratulations, Candy. Congratulations on you two being in love for this long. I wish you continued positive progress both with your marriage and in becoming a mother. Take care of yourself. Much love from Texas!

Unknown said...

congrats and many blessing to you all


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