Friday, October 11, 2013

The Baby shower of my dreams

I had my baby shower three weeks ago it was so special I loved every minute. every time I think back to that weekend I get  the hugest smile on my face. And found a deep appreciation for everyone that joined us that day.

the location was perfect I had known of this location since I was 15 I had my15 party at there ball room and I had always love the garden. So when I planned my shower I knew exactly where I wanted it and it was perfection.

I wanted to shower my little girl with flowers so I order the most amazing flower arrangements I could find in color pink and white. This one was placed in the middle it had 100 roses.

When I planned my baby shower it was like I was planning a party for my little girl it was nothing about me it was all about her.

photos by photographer david 

the entrance of the garden had this beautiful foundation and more roses 
Center pieces as you can see on the table was also roses and white pearls and the favors where pink nail polish

the cake table was princess inspired with more flowers and a three layer cake with cake pops and cupcakes and a small frame that had a dedication to baby Violet

I had the baby showered catered and the staff was amazing I couldn't have asked for more
lots of smiles and good times with the baby shower games 

Beyond blessed with our presents 

having my family there to share this moment with us 
my sister in law and nephew 

the proud grandparents
 My aunt 
My dear friend Aggie that made this day even more special then she can ever imagine 

 my daughter loves this girl she always jumps when she hears her 

My sweet friend Patty 

Long lost friends making new memories 

to new friends that you'll always cherish 

 to the only guy that went to the baby shower and there couldn't ave been a better close friend then him to join us. 
to friends that you hold close to your heart 
to the only man that can put that smile on my face my husband Violet dad we are some special girls to have you in our life . 

To the women I am today and the women I will be tomorrow in this new stage in my life I smile and can't wait for what's to come. Baby Violet I love you 

Your mom 

Here's some more pictures from instagram that day that everyone  took enjoy 


Gorgeous Glam said...

Awe so sweet and I am so happy for you! Everything looks beautiful amiga! You are due any day now no? Can't wait to meet her ;) xoxo -Taj

John B. Marine said...

Pretty sure you enjoyed yourself here, Candy. I'm glad you did. You're dressed nicely and look great for this baby shower. Take care of yourself and have a great day/night!

Ro said...

you look beautiful!!! glad your shower came out wonderful!!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

You had a beautiful baby shower. You look amazing. I can't wait to see you baby girl.


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