Thursday, September 26, 2013

The battle of the strollers

As a blogger when purchasing a item I always relay on bloggers reviews  or you tube. As a first time mom I was faced with looking for something I had no idea about the dreaded STROLLER. So many options so little patiance and reviews for stroller forget it it ranged from the best STROLLER ever to I hate this stroller on the same product. So I went old school looking for my stroller I hit the streets...

Yes when moms would pass by with stroller that looked amazing, I would google the name on the stroller and come home and do some research. My husband and I both had this mission in mind. So when this particular stroller kept on coming up I knew we might had found a winner. I wanted something not only that I liked but so did my husband. When he came home one day he was beyond excited about the QUINNY he said the look of this stroller was so cool and looked particle. 

There's the Key word as first time parents PARTICLE was key !!! I swear I had never understood the machines to a stroller. I tried with my nephew's stroller that was a GRECO and that was nothing but a head ache.   

So QUINNY was the same stroller that I had also fallen in love with I had actually talked to mother and asked her . "so do you like this stroller " and her response was "absolutely" so went on to tell me how easy and PARTICLE it was . I made my discussion right there that I also wanted a QUINNY that stroller was the one I wanted. 

So once you decided which stroller you want the process goes way easier you narrowed it down to 10000 to one and way to to go you !!!! 

So then Came the questions, where can I buy ??? what comes with it???  how much extra will I have to pay for the extras ???

google search takes you to where you need to be. My model was a Quinny Mood had color options and car seat and basinet adaptors that where sold separately. 

 So here was my two option the pink and the red, I went with the red just incase I would have another child I wouldn't have to do this expense again !!

I found a shop that carried all the higher end strollers and actually took the time and showed you how they actually fold I mean you go to Babies R US and no one helps you . And its very hard as a first time parent to really know what your getting right 
the place is called  Pampered Tot
In Hermosa Beach,Ca

Well since I needed a car seat is not they wont leave the hospital with out I knew that this stroller was adaptable to a car seat the adaptors are included . The perfect match was the Maxi Cozy 

So we picked one up 

I did go with the pink on the car seat !!! 

Not only are these two products PRACTICAL they are also very stylish the sleek European look. Not like your pushing a house around . 

I really hope this review helps anyone that was in the same spot I was in , I didn't get paid or any credit for this review I just really enjoyed finding something that worked for me and just had to share. 

Thanks for stoping by as always I'll talk to you all soon 

take care
Curves N-Baby Violet 

Here's some pictures 

the proud dad 

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