Friday, May 6, 2011

so I got some new things

hey ladies how are you did you make it threw this week !!! At last its the weekend and its mothers day so to all you mothers out there I salute you for all your hard work and all your love that you give your Children . God has not blessed me with a child but has blessed me with the greatest mom ... and one day I would love to be just  like her .

And as I mention I';m leaving for the weekend with my momcita and I picked up some things from H&M take a look
So I'm going to the beach I had to get a suit I know I have no business in a bikini but they where such a great price at H&M , so I got the scarf dress that went with it =)bikini top 4.95 button 4.95 dress 14.99
and these sheer tops for 4.99 love the bright pink
Some sandals from H&M 5.99 and the Gap 16.99

And on the blog he calls me Mara she had a brush set from target on a deal of the day for 10 bucks I had to pick it up and its so pretty 
Here's the clutch that comes with it

No flash so stunning !!!

that's it ladies have a great weekend I'm so hungry I'm off to eat , thanks for stopping by and talk to you soon

Yours Truly, 


Erica said...

Great stuff! I love that first H & M dress! Have a fun weekend :)

Barbra said...

Hey I got the same coral flip flops from H&M! Great haul!

Blanca1018♥ said...

Awww you got some great items chica!
I love those cute sandals and tops... makes me make a trip to H&M asap.

Have a beautiful weekend honey.

Aranza said...

Oh gorgeos have fun!!! I love the bikini, although i also have no business wearing one lol. that dress and those coral sandals are so pretty. i still have not made it to H&M afraid my curvy self wont fit into any of their stuff lol!

Amara said...

lovely stuff! youve reminded me i need to get some sandals haha xo

Christine said...

Great stuff sweetie, i really like the H&M dress :)

Xoxo Christine

Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

Nice stuff!! I loved the bikini, the dress, the brushes... everything ;)

Savannah said...

Great stuff! I love those sandals(:
Have fun with your mom!


Ramona said...

Aww, so sweet and true words about mom's!
Hun, You have got some fabulous stuff.
Have a beautiful day as well!

xoxo Ra

Mimi said...

you got a lot of amazing stuff! i must go to h&m soon! :D

<3, Mimi

In Palace said...

love the brsuhes

In Palace ♥

KayKay said...

those brushes look so shiny and lux haha have a nice weekend

ShreddingIt said...

wohoo nice stuff and cheap!
I cant believe theres no h&m here, totally sucks!!
have a good weekend!!

Alexis the Honey B said...

that brush set clutch is adorable! great haul you got there!

Unknown said...

Love that brush set you could totally use it as a clutch for a night out. I liek the stuff you got from H&M I need to get a swimsuit as well. Hope you had fun.

Mara said...

You did get the brushes, I got mines recently and I love them. The clutch is definitely worth the $10 alone. I'm loving the floral maxi you got from H&M.


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