Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2 down 28 to go

So here's my second look for my 30 for 30 ok so I need to post the pictures of my clothes right but I don't think its looks kool how else can do this mmmm maybe I'll post a you tube video . Any ideas ladies please let me know .
So I had this black dress that I must say in the picture isn't very faltering , and a coral jacket I was off to work so I had to dress kinda professional so I paired both together especially that it's a hot day here in sunny LA. I added my Steve madden pumps for the height . I accessorized with a thin silver belt and a long silver necklace with a chunky bracelet. Since my 30 for 30 I've been trying new accessories I hadn't worn . 
I'm having a great time with this project surprise surprise . That's it ladies thanks for stopping by and talk to you all soon . 

Yours Truly, 


A Polished Touch said...

You look fabulous! I love coral against your skin. Beautiful.

Blanca1018♥ said...

As always you did an amazing job at putting this outfit together.

That coral blazer is sooo cute.

Can't wait for the rest of the days!

Savannah said...

Cuteeee jacket! I love the coral against the black!


Mandy said...

Coral blazer = WANT! :D Awesome outfit, as always!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

cute outfit. i use photo bucket for my 30 for 30 items and write on the pictures.


Camille said...

love this look gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Oohh whre did you get the coral blazer from? Well you can just law some tops on the floor and take an above pic then do the same for the bottoms and stuff if you really want to show images of the items yo are using.

Christine said...

This looks soo cute, love your blazer :)

Love Christine ♥

ambrosia said...

blogging everyday is the hardest!
i've tried and failed many times.
keep up the good work!



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