Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Over

Ladies the time has come my 30 by 30 has finished I made it until the end !! I did shop on my last week and I did use one outfit for Imats but come on it was imats and I was having shopping withdraws . I wanted to thank everyone that took there time to comment my page on every outfit your guys helped me keep going .

I'll do this again any time I loved it thanks to Kanie the creator of the 30 by 30 to understand what it is to walk in a full closet with new clothes in the bags and not having anything to wear ... Yes we all have been there  I know !!! and its horrible but this project has showed me sooo much . what to shop for what looks good what doesn't and best of all how much my weight lost has shown in every picture . I loved it !!! so let me show you my 30 looks

1st outfit

3rd day
4th outfit
5th day    

6th day
7th day
8th day !!!
10th hated this outfit worst day
11th outfit
12th outfit remixed jeans
13 outfit remixed shirt
14th outfit  remixed both skirt and shirt
15 outfit
16 !!!

17 !!!
18 !!
19 !!
21 !!! another outfit I hated
22 to hot to wear a scarf
23 !! love this dress I had only worn it once before this project
24 !!! threw this dress away it become to big                      

25 I didn't take a outfit picture sorry I was wearing my black skirt here

 I missed #26 I didn't take a picture sorry

27 !!! loved it as a dress then a skirt

28 I looked liked the Cheetos bag     
picture 29 was my missing Imats sorry 0_*
If I can do it, you can do it !!! I'll be doing another one I just need to do some major shopping but will start again .For my weigh lost its great to throw out clothes because they fit to big !!! so wish me luck let me know what you thought about my 30 by 30 did you like my post do you like this project would you like to do this project all that fun stuff would love to know

Yours ,


Andrea. said...

WOw I love all your outfits! Great style, congrats on completing this challenge!

BottledBeauty said...

Great pictures! Your so creative. Not sure I could come up with 30 outfits..I'd have to go shopping!

Erica said...

Fantastic job, all great looks!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

You did a great job. I super proud of you. I might or might not do 30 for 30 again. I just have to wait to see when it comes around again. I will say I do love this challenge and I happy to have my closet back again. I know you are too.

Unknown said...

All the outfits look so different I could never tell hey are same pieces. You are the incredible shrinking Candy now look so great my friend.

Natalie said...

You did an AMAZING job. IT's a lot of work and effort and you pulled it off well. Kudos for completing the challenge!

Alexis the Honey B said...

wow! i can't believe you posted 30!!!! outfits!!!!!!! great job, you look fabulous in each and every picture!

~!@ngell@!~ said...

I like all the looks, but im loving #7. you have great style and it is fun to see how you play with the accessories. :)

AnNeTtEe said...

looooove all of the outfits!!! this is such an awesome idea!! I'm proud of you for makin it to your 30 day mark... that's dedication right there!!! I think you deserve to go shopping for doing a good job on this challenge! =)

Unknown said...

Congratulations doll on accomplishing your 30 by 30!!! YAY...

And your outfits are all just beautiful and you're so stylish girl.

<3 Marina

Ramona said...

You look amazing. I love how You styled up all your looks. It's sometimes hard to be creative, I absolutely agree on it, but You done your 30/30 so well darling!

xoxo Ra

Gorgeous Glam said...

Good job chica I'm so glad you did it and learned so much! xo

cara said...

You made some amazing looks, I really love your collection of skirts and dresses especially the leopard print skirt and black graphic print dress. Congratulations! I

Shannoire said...

I think you are beautiful! Congratulations on slimming down in a healthy way. Now, please tell me you didn't actually "throw away" clothes but donated them??? Also, think about tailoring...really cost effective in the long term. I can't believe you only had 30 pieces - each outfit looks completely different! Have fun shopping...

Dilan Dilir said...

the skirt in the last pic is nice!

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Ooo la la love all of these outfits!


Love these looks. You did a wonderful job, loving #7 & 15. xxoo

Donna said...

aw i love all these outfits there so sexy and gorgeous. i like the last one with the color blocking :)

~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

So beautiful! you've got great style!

Unknown said...

Amazing!! Loved every outfit.


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