Friday, November 18, 2011

Make up time

Hey ladies hope you had a great week !!! as for me I was involved in another photo shoot yeeey !!! with Fancy Steps . I did there make up for a dress line they launched !!! it's awesome . Photo shoots are so fast pace and so many things that go into a photo shoot . And this is just a small company can imagine a big production,  they are so fun here's some of the shoots I'll detail the make up I used
On her face I went with MAC pro long wear and mixed it with NYX photo foundation 
I contoured her face with a two face pallet . And concealer from Maybeline Fit line I applied the concealer first and then after the make up was done it gives it a finished look and the camera picks it up beautifully
Cheeks and Highlight 
I went with a  pink NYX cream blush on the apple of her cheeks I applied enough for the camera to pick up . I went over the cheeks with a highlight to give a nice glow!!!
Now the eyeliner I went dramatic and just worked on the ends ,that way her eyes opened as you can see in this picture  . And applied a very shimmery color in her inner eye ducks and the corners of her eyes to open her eyes up to give her a vibrant look
I used a pot  eyeliner on her hole eyelid to give the smokey look more sexy and true black !!!  the best trick I have I can use cream eyeshadow like no one's business  I went all threw the eyelid and used a nice brown on the crease to  deepen her eye !!!since she has small eye lids you give the illusion of fuller awake  eyes
I outlined the lips with a two face lip liner in nude , and used the L'Oreal runway project nude lipstick that I love goes on so smooth and perfect  applied several times and sealed it with a smash box high gloss . 

This look was so much fun and this look so easy to achieve !!! look at these dresses love them problem with photo shoots I trend to want everything the model has on ahahah

Hope you liked the look if you want to see them on the web site check them out here!!!!

Yours , 


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

She looks absolutely gorgeous. Excellent job. She looks like Kim Kardashian.

Mimi said...

you did such a great job with their makeup! that is amazing! :D

<3, Mimi

Erica said...

Great job, she looks very beautiful!

Shareena said...

wow! absolutely beautiful! you did a great job! She looks gorgeous!!! ^_^

If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...


FOREVER '92 said...

SEXY! That first dress is too cute! and you're heels are fierce!! You are so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Love it!


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

you did such a great job.

Momma's Runway said...

Love her make up! You did a great job!:) Just droppin by..

Momma Y


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