Monday, June 11, 2012

everyday should be a sunday

Well hello again my lovely ladies hope you all had a great weekend, its Monday what can I say its never nothing to look forward to but its a new week to start and finish great amazing things.

   So if you saw my you tube Video Here  my last haul I had this skirt that I got from Marshall's its a multi wearing skirt it becomes a dress a long skirt and a skirt so you get three looks  !!!! crazy right so I'm on my second look and I love it,Let me show you how I styled it.
So here's what I wore my Marshall's skirt with a Forever 21 belt and fancy neon pumps you can find HEREl I just noticed I have no accessories NOOOOOO its kinda crazy

isn't this skirt awesome !!!

I totally recommend this skirt you truly get your money worth here's my other look with this same skirt

Very cool right

Do you like clothes that gives you options ??? would love to know, talk to you all soon

big hugs


Anonymous said...

I love those shoes! I have been dying for a pair of bright pumps!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Such an amazing skirt. You will be getting a lot of use out of it.

Paulina Mo, said...

Super cute! I love the draping at the bottom! you look gorgeous!

Unknown said...

You look beautiful this is a very balanced look and love the multi way skirt. I have adress similar but its printed also got it at Marshalls. No accessories needed my dear you look lovely w the belt and shoes already.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Yes, I love when clothes give you options. This skirt makes for a great dress, and I like your tattoos.

Jessica said...

you look amazing i love the first look with the yellow hottness

John B. Marine said...

How cute! Navy blue and neon yellow make a rather unusual combination (speaking as someone who likes the blue and gold combination). I thought that was a blue dress and not a top + skirt. Anyhow, the skirt looks fabulous! Those details at the front really make this skirt stand out. These peep-toe pumps are very cute with the narrow opening. Not only are these lovely pictures of you with this blue and neon yellow outfit, they are also very cute pictures of you, smiling adorably and playfully innocent.

The final picture is also lovely. And in regards to fashions that give you options, even speaking as a male, ANY garment that allows you many options and style choices means you have something useful for many different outfits as opposed to just one specific outfit. Versatility is ALWAYS a strong factor for any garment.

But once again, your looks are sweeter than ever with this outfit, Candy. :)

Unknown said...

Love it! I am always a bit 'meehh' about multi-wear items, but you def rock this!! and love your tatoo!! :)xx

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

What a beautiful skirt. I like the way it drapes. Those yellow heels are also fantastic.
Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

20 YORK STREET said...

That's a skirt love?

Yes I love versatile pieces of clothing!! You look gorgeous as always Mamita!


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Anonymous said...

that is so awesome!!!!!!! anything that gives you three looks and one is a keeper! lol :) thnx for sharing doll!

Ramona said...

So great skirt, love that they can be so versatile.Love first look- skirt as a dress. Stunning and so trendy. Neon yellow is fab combo with them.

xoxo Ra

Mimi said...

i love clothes that you can wear in different ways! :D

<3, Mimi
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