Thursday, July 19, 2012

its been TWO amazing years

Well hello ladies,I hope you all are having a fantastic week. To my surprise I missed my birthday,well not my birthday my blog's,it was July 7 !!! what kind of blogger am I I ekkkkk how can I forget such an important date its like forgetting your first born child birthday. So I really have to make it up to my blog big time maybe some balloons or a giant cupcake or a surprise party. Well for now let me take a trip down memory lane.... I started blogging and anxiously  awaited one soul to visit my blog after post and a month and no sign of life, I thought maybe this blogging thing isn't what I thought it was going to be,but I made it up my mind that even if no one ever read what my bad grammar make up artist married in love girl had to say I wouldn't care I would continue  blogging if my only follower was my husband.

And so now 2 years down the road I'm still that bad grammar girl make up artist still in love with her husband but now I'm a blogger that actually have had the best experiences because of my blog,and will be forever grateful to all my followers that have been with me since the start. With  my make up parties to my shoetique Fancy Steps to my first trunk show.I've had the chance to meet some amazing ladies and look forward to the many more to meet and the more experiances that are to come.

OMG so emotional 0_0 I leave you with these pictures of the memorable year here at Curves Ahead. Look forward what this year brings me so stay tuned for the next chapter of Curves Ahead. I thank you  for being here ((((( big Hugs))))) to each one of you.

here's couple moment this year .

the events I had the chance to be part of and the women that came into my life and changed it forever

My Store Fancy Steps so proud of how far its gone and have big dreams and goals for what's to come

this year was special I turned 30 and spent it with close friends I'll never forget this day and weekend it was perfect.
 loosing 50 pounds and looking back at old pictures

And the man that I fall in love with everyday and supported me since day one my husband I love you

I think I can go on all night,my memories will be here in each page hold a moment a time in my life that I had privilege to record it and share it with you ladies. Thank you for sharing another year with me

your friend,

Candy Cervantes

here's last year birthday post
1st year


John B. Marine said...

I discovered "Curves Ahead" online a long time ago. I stuck with "Curves Ahead" after being fond of your beauty and your insight, Candy. That hasn't changed since the first day I found this blog. You remain as fabulous in looks and in character throughout the time this blog has existed. I wish you nothing more but continued success. Nice retrospective on everything, too!

Onward and upward is the only way you can go. So keep up the great work. Stay stylish and sweet, Candy! :)

Amber said...

well happy blog birthday to you and here's to many many more! :)

Stop by & enter my Skincare RX gift card giveaway!

Anonymous said...

awwwwww!!! CONGRATS!!!! 2 years and you accomplished soooo much!! you should be so proud of yourself :) YAY TO FANCY STEPS!! ps i get paid tomorrow and im planning on buying some of the skirts and sandals!! hehe

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Happy Blog Birthday Candy. My blog birthday is next week. Also congrats on everything. Also thanks for being such a great blog friend.

Mimi said...

that's so amazing, happy happy birthday to your blog! i wish you many many more years here on blogger! :D

p.s. i'm happy to say that you are one of my very first bloggie friends! :)

<3, Mimi

Jessica said...

yaaaay congrats boo!!! big dreams do come true!!

Blanca1018♥ said...

Congratulations on two amazing year.
I am sooo glad to have met you in person and to be able to watch you grow every single day doing what you love.
Thank you for sharing your amazing person with us.
Hugs and Kisses.


Unknown said...

AMIGA! FELICIDADES!!! :) I know that all of your dreams are coming true, all of the hard work, dedication, and LOVE that you put into everything you do pays off. You are an inspiration to me and it was a pleasure meeting you in person in April. Hope to see you soon!!! XOX

Ramona said...

Congratulations proud mama!You have done fantastic job creating this wonderful blog. Your sense of style is gorgeous and you are such a sweetheart.I wish you many wonderful years to have with your blog. Most important is just have fun.

xoxo Ra

Bohemian Babushka said...

2 years!! One of your many accomplishments y te felicito on all of them.

Looking forward to sharing your new year and wishing you only the best with plenty of "OMG I can't believe how great that was!" moments.


smashbravo said...

Day before my bday was your blogs b-day. Congrats! It takes a lot of commitment to keep a blog running so long, so much work, and many times having to come up with a post when you would rather do something else. To the future and all the great things to come!

Unknown said...

Omg happy bloggiversary it has been a wonderful 2 yrs to be a subscriber to this blog and have gained a wonderful humann being who is now very close friend. Candy I wish you so much success. Reading this blog post is emotional but a happy emotional bc I am hoinored to be included in part of this journey. Hugs and Kisses.

Jessica said...

What amazing photos and post. Very inspirational. Happy Blog Birthday to you.

Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Unknown said...

Congrats Girl! I love you blog, keep it up!

Sexy Beast said...

Happy belated b-day Curves Ahead! I'm glad I stumble on you here

Shels415 said...

So glad I discovered your blog! Congrats and can't wait to order my Kim Kim shoes!

Kim Kim pump from Fancy Steps

gorgeousglam1 said...

Hey doll! Congrats on two years and all the success! Most of all the dreams that have transpired, you know I support you 100% and wish you nothing but more blessings! Keep it glam mama! Let's do lunch asap! xoxo -Taj

Unknown said...

Congratulations gorgeous and wishing you much more success with everything you're doing. LATINA POWER!!! You go GIRL.

<3 Marina


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