Thursday, January 3, 2013

Take that 2012

Well hello my lovely ladies happy new years to you and your love ones, hope you ladies had a amazing New Years. When New Years comes around we get to think what we did great and what we did wrong how we can improve. Its really magical how one day can make you realize the meaning to your life.After New Years you see people all hyped about the new found purpose they found and how they will change and be this amazing person. It's pretty inspiring, Now wouldn't it be cool if everyone stayed with this mind set all year long.Bubble all this excitement and really talk the walk or walk to the talk ugg (you know what I'm trying to say)

So what I say to a New years is come on I've been waiting for you !!! I'm not much of a resolution kinda girl I work more on impulse and it kinda works for me so I'm sticking to it. Now,I would love to know what you do for New years that is special???  

Here's my New years  motto and Its a great one for all year long. You want to make anything happen hey buddy you have to work for it easy as that !!!

I dressed up  for New Years to take pictures for my site Fancy Steps only, but this dress truly made me feel good,like Oh yeah take that 2012 kinda way
Fancy Steps Dress

Fancy Steps Find it here

Well ladies till next time
Keep it Fancy


John B. Marine said...

Welcome to the new year! This dress is certainly every bit as charming as you are. I hope you make the most of this new year. Best wishes and kindest regards to you, Candy.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Happy New Years


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