Friday, January 4, 2013

Refreshing Mint

Spring will be here in no time and it has brought mint with its new color pallet and I must say I love mint I think it makes you happy. Something about it makes me smile its bright and romantic I must say it close to being my favorite color !!! wait do I have a favorite color ??? No one has asked me in a long time I kinda forgot lol  

Hey what's your favorite color ????

Mint blazer and necklace from Fancy Steps

New mint Dress from Fancy Steps

Fancy Steps plus size

how about these cuties 

New mint Heart sweater Fancy Steps

Little refreshing pictures from my site and pinterest to refresh your day  
Keep it Fancy


John B. Marine said...

Mint is no doubt one of the trendiest colors of late. Candy, I love the first picture. Your face is beautiful along with this mint blazer or jacket. All of these mint items are stylish and beautiful. I even think the mint sweater with the big heart is nicely complimented by your fuchsia pumps. Nice post. Minty fresh beauty! :)

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

You look great

Mimi said...

mint is such a beautiful color! my favorite color has got to be yellow, but i also love cobalt and emerald green. :D

<3, Mimi


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