Wednesday, August 14, 2013

will you still love me ...

A fashion post has been way over due !! here's a outfit I wore couple weeks ago I was 24 weeks pregnant since then my belly has gotten way bigger but I just loved this outfit had to post it !!  I'm playing catch up with my blog. 
please excuse me as I catch up !!!

Glasses our from Fancy Steps and wearng MAC candy yum yum lipstick 

I bought this dress at ROSS in the plus size section  perfect with my growing tummy, Only bad part of this dress is the material. Super thin its almost see threw I had to layer it which meant more clothes which meant not comfortable. 
But the pattern and the fit was perfect, can't have it all right. 
I enhanced my waist with this thin belt and my flats are from H&M   summer sale I swear they cost only 5.99 and I hate buying flats so the cheaper the better. And since that's my only footwear these last few months I stock up on cheap flats when I can 


John B. Marine said...

You are still one stylish and chic lady. It's great to see you return to the blogosphere still looking fabulous (forget what haters may say). Great looking dress made bold with those neon(?) flats. Continue taking care of yourself, and I hope you have a great day. Sweet style, Candy!

Unknown said...

You look adorable. I love how you matched you nails and lipstick, with neon pink flats! Congrats on the baby btw :)


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