Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 sad to see you go

First off Happy New year my curvy bueaties and gents !!! its a new year a time  that we can start over do things different, see what we did last year and not do the same mistakes again. New year new you, it truly inspiring to see everyone living the new year moment. That's exactly what it is a moment ... months fly by and those resolution you made you may have forgotten them.Or you  my have fallen to your same routinue eaither way .Today we celebrate and reflect on what 2013 has brought us and hope for the best of 2014 !!!

I'm actually sad to see 2013 go this year was so good to me. A year full of blessing I welcomed my baby girl this year Violet Ruby and for that 2013 you will never be forgotten. I'm sad to see you go but thankful to for what's to come, so I welcome 2014 with a big hug  full of hopes and dreams.

thanks for stopping by hope too see you back soon HAPPY NEW YEAR

you can see my last 2012 post !! see how I still think the same 2012 new years


My little baby V you are my special New years ...


Veronica Glam said...

Congrats Candy! Your baby is gorgeous :) Happy New Year!

John B. Marine said...

Candy, I wish you an amazing 2014. Let me say this picture of you and Violet Rose is cute! She is totally adorable. And of course, you are stylishly sweet. Take care and be well.


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