Monday, January 27, 2014


well my week was fun mixing and matching my 30 by 30 !!! wanted to share with you y favorite look I loved it felt great in this outfit and the heels where so comfy. Since my sad situation with heels right now since I had my baby girl I haven't been able to get into heels I've been buying flats and that makes me sad =( its been 3 months so I have to patient right yes !!!

Here's my look that I loved

Old navy top ,fancy steps skirt and scarf and heels !!! loved these I found a pair that I could walk in thank goodness !!!

if you want to see my complete week of look visit my album Here

thanks for stoping by loves !!! how was your weekend would love to know about it

talk to you soon xoxo

ps my little me and I those cheeks I just can't stand


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

you did awesome this week. Here to another week of fun and remixing.

John B. Marine said...

Such sweet style, Candy. Great looks by you as I visited your Pinterest. Cute little picture of you and your baby girl. Nice!


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