Friday, February 21, 2014

30 by 30 recap

well this 30 by 30 was super easy !!! I didn't even realize I was doing it really I guess after baby Violet my closet doesn't have that many options to start with it.And with a 3month year old my taking pictures was really slaking so I'm super sorry.My girl Amy from Amy Fashion blog find  http://amyfashionblog52.blogspot.dehere  did a amazing job she looked amazing in all her styles thank you so much for joining me !!!

So here's some of my fave's let me know what you think !!!

here's a couple of my outfits !!! can you believe I actually fit into jeans again !!! after having a baby 3 months ago its been super hard to get back into a work out  Since you have a baby to take care of !!! but I've been on a diet and I couldn't be happier with the slow results I'm seeing. I have lost 48 pounds since Violet,and I have so much more to go but lets just take it one day at a time.

And I changed my hair !!! actually after having a baby blond hair wasn't my friend actually my hair pretty much feel out !!! like allot !!! I'll tell you about it on the  next post

Hope you ladies have a great weekend talk to you soon

your friend,

1 comment:

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I love the pick dress, Also congrats on the weight loss. Also thank you for the nice words. :)


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