Monday, September 15, 2014

Mom guide to look your best

its 106 right now and I can't wait for fall to one with cute scarfs and fall boots as a new mom we just want to be comfy since I have a crawing baby I'm all over from watching her from making sure she didn't put that eye shadow in her mouth its a job that never stops and need comfort. Yes its easy to reach for those yoga pans BUT DONT theres easy alternatives .

wear stylish tops with some jeans don't forget to do your hair that always works 

Maxi dresses are always good they make you look stylish with out doing much 

pink lipstick always brighten my day  

SO to all my mommy readers hope these tips help you I will have some more for you next post see you next time. 

what do you do to look put toghter as a mom would love to know 

this little cutie says HI !!!!


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

You and V always are looking cute and stylish

shizasblog said...

Nice blog love your style <3 i hope to visit mine

Unknown said...

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