Sunday, March 1, 2015

Its been a year

I had  been thinking about my blog lately and just going back to see it reminded me how much I missed it. Having a blog has always been scary for me ... My writing sucks and I know this.But I wanted to share all these amazing life changes I've gone threw.Or just talk to someone that say's hey I just went threw that.

Well Violet is 16 months to the day and she's the most special little girl

She loves to eat and sing and dance.Loves here Ama and ampa and jumps with joy every time her papa comes home from work.

As for me I'm completely out of my mind with shopping for her everyday if I can buy her something I do, even if its on online a new bow or she needs shoes. I've noticed the shopping never really ends when you have kids.

As for me personally well lets say... my fashion isn't much to talk about lately I'm really into jeans and cardigans right now and flats wow how things have changed. I do however style  my hair  and make up and all that good stuff ha ha ah

But since Violet is walking by the end of the day I look like a bus hit me ha ha ha

I just got Violets Instagram up and going that I also stopped posting for some reason I think I just wanted to enjoy Violet small there's so much competation on instagram and lets face it we all think our kids are just the cutest thing in this world so now that her outfits are so much better since she is standing and walking we are back on the instagram baby world.

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So join for the ride tell me what you would like to talk about I'm open for some mommy talk email me

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