Tuesday, February 22, 2011

who ate the cookie from the cookie jar

As promised here some pictures of the Party of the year Matty's bday  it was cookie monster theme,  I came up with allot of these ideas but I will just let he's mom take  all the correct she did a great job  ;) I must say this year was full of love and blessing and happiness with this bundle of joy Love you Matt
 Center pieces where cookie jars cutest thing ever
I pinned all these balloons boy was my legs feeling it the next day
My sister in law decorated the cupcakes so cute right
 Candy table

We had to do it inside for it rained that day =( but that didn't get int he way for it to be great
Kids always have the greatest time 
A special moment the bday boy with his grandma
Ready for the pinata
He's birthday cake
Matt going to town with he's smash cake
He liked this !!
With he's dad
And of course he's aunt gift he loved it, look he smiled

That's it hope you ladies enjoyed this non make up post but very special to me, thanks for stopping by hope you all have a great rest of the week talk to you soon 

Yours Truly , 
Curves Ahead

 Look at this face


Barbra said...

I love it! You are so freakin creative! He must have had a blast :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, those cupcakes are so cute! Happy birthday to Matt; he's adorable :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, those cupcakes are so cute! Happy birthday to Matt; he's adorable :)

Erica said...

How cute!! My favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookies! Love those adorable cupcakes too!!

Aranza said...

awwwww my daughter adores cookie monster and elmo and dancing lol! she would have loved to see that cake and cupcakes =D

ok, im gonna try and go to H&M sometime this week...but a sixe 12??? Girl, you have not seen my junk in the trink have you lol...but i must remind myself that i should not wear clothes that are too big!!!!!!!

thanks for the sweet comments and if i do get something, you will be the first to know =D

Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

Matt is adorable. I loved the cupcakes!!! Kids are the ones who have funnier time, you are right.

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Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Girl you always out do yourself with gift. My birthday is July 20th. Just in case you want to get me a gift. Matt is so cute.


gingerSnap said...

I love cupcakes!
Happy Belated Birthday to Matt!

Unknown said...

Aw Matt is adorable and lucky to hv such a loving family. Oh btw your sister is pretty, and the decorations wow you guys did amazing job. Oh btw I am nt sure why my posts aren ot showing up on the dashboard but u are the 2nd person to tell me that?? Thank you.

Miss. Nik said...

awww! thats freakin adorable :)

Shayla said...

cute party! and cute little boy!
p.s. I did a special thanks to you in my 100 followers post! thank you!

Lin said...

So damn cute ♥

Anonymous said...

soooo adorable :] love elmo & cookie monster. looks like he had a great time. beautiful child

sugar sugar said...

aww your little boy is sooo cute! love his party theme and everyone seemed to have a great time. :D

Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea said...

Oh my that party theme is so cute with all the decorations! I do hope Matt had a good brithday! He is very adorable

Unknown said...

Oh wow!!!! The party looks so awesome and I love the cupcakes and how the balloons are hanging from the ceiling!! So cool!

Ramona said...

he is so cute little boy!
and You have great ideas! Loved these decorations!

xoxo Ra

kmcwil01 said...

Those cupcakes are too cute!!

Jessica said...

If I had a cookie right now I would defintiely eat it. I love cookie monster. Adorable pictures and what a cute birthday party.

Mara said...

everything turned out so well. the cupcakes are just too cute to eat and the pictures of the bday boy smashing his cake is just too adorable

ShreddingIt said...

So very cute!! the cake!!! oh my how pretty, you go candy

Anonymous said...

Love the theme, and there is nothing better than looking at such a sweet, innocent face. =) Love your blogs too!!

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. said...

Ohhh... are so cute!:D And I love cupcakes :D


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