Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My personal weight loss story

As you may or may not know I have been on a weight lost journey of my life. For the first time ever I'm loosing weight and really slimming down. All my life I've had weight problems since I can remember my parents got me into a gym even if I had a fake ID oh yes the things parents do for their kids.

But about a year back I really went out of control on my weight after some illness issues that I overcame,my sense of reason went straight out the window. I ate like it was going out of style,I guess I ate without thinking of what all this eating could do to my body. Until one day I really looked at myself and said "Candy WTF " and decided to do something about it.And I start to care again.

Now I wish this story had happy ending but I'm getting there.Weight loss its hard but its possible I was one those people that would say "I JUST CAN'T LOOSE WEIGHT" well look it here missy,YES YOU CAN LOOSE WEIGHT YOU JUST HAVE TO TRY.I wasn't trying hard enough because  when you want something hard enough you work at it and you don't give up until you make it.

 Now,yes that's easier said than done because I've been stuck at a 45 lbs. weight lost 'till this point. I was oh yes I got this and started gaining one pound here one pound there eating taco bell I would say "OH COME ON, ONE TIME ISN'T GOING TO BRING 45  POUNDS BACK " well that is true but it will bring it back in time if your not careful,and I wasn't I gained 10 pounds back in a 5 month time span. What a set back it was,so disappointed on myself I had FAILED myself yet again.

And Here I am, I told myself off couple times and back on this trip that I plan to take it all the way home this time. Because honestly I just don't have time to live and accept myself FAT anymore. Yes accepting your FAT is also huge acceptance for yourself. See,when your big the word FAT can be the worst bad name you could ever hear. Its straight out hurtful but when you know your body and yourself and your attempt that you no longer want to be FAT its a total game changer.

so after loosing those 10 pounds yet again I'm back on track at my 45 pound mark and starting new.I'm down to zero pounds lost and ready for whats to come.

The reason behind this story that got way personal, was for my  plus size clothes section  that I provide to my boutique Fancy Steps . Through out my struggle with  my weight,I know first hand how hard it is to find cute trendy clothes. When Forever 21 started carrying plus size I was like super happy !!!,but the section was tiny,had couple styles and the prices where not that great. I mean why is plus size clothes so expensive!!! geeez.

So when I started my business I wanted something for EVERY women,the women I am ,the women I want to be and the women I will be. I started off with shoes because no matter what size you are shoes always fit !!! and I knew that I would shine in that department.But I had access to so much amazing fashion I couldn't stand not providing a small part to of this to my shop. So,I brought on the clothes at first it was risky because I knew that I didn't know what size small felt like or if my customers would feel like I knew. I had a complex that I wasn't relatable to all clothes,but one thing I did know was having fashion and that my friend I knew well. Hey you don't get best dressed all your life for nothing.And that brought the plus size section or what I like to call "THE CURVY SECTION" I hate plus size,never liked that term. So I've really been trying to get pieces that are for everyone.I look at some clothes provided for curvy women and I'm like yeah that would never happen if your curvy you wouldn't wear that. So I'm relatable in a huge way to my clothes in my shop and I love that.

I swore to myself that I would never let a XL in my closet EVER!,but when it comes to Fancy Steps,I can't help it if there's any way that I can help someone dress their body with my clothes that is amazing. Because trust me I know I was there, now that I'm a solid size Large pushing Medium  I still know how to dress my curves from the experience I had with buying Plus size.Because if one thing I knew for sure was that I was beautiful at any size and clothes didn't just dress me but  complimented my figure.

New in my shop picked out especially for you Fancy Steps




Monserrath said...

Congrats... I'm in the fight too. Cause I have poliquistic and I start to win a lot kilos. And hopefully I gonna win :)

Monserrath said...

Congrats!!... Curves rules :)

2 years ago I been detected with poliquistic 'cause I started win a lot weight. I have like 45 kilos extra. But I fighting and I gonna win.

Ramona said...

You rock!!! Congratulations darling! You look so hot in these photos and happy.
Since I have began yo live with my fiance together I put some weight on, because when I came to Ireland I was for 4 years without job and living in different country without my family. Oh, it was hard. So I was eating and not moving so much I use to. I went from size Small to size Large.Yes!I just didn't realized, but one day I felt terrible. Most of all not just because of my size, but of fact that I can't get job here and none see me.Because before I didn't had such a problem, I always have been working and been independent. I began to loose confidence.When I began to make my jewelry and got so many support from my fiance I began to get more confidence and more walk, more think about size I wear, because I realize I was buying too big clothes and try to fit in them.Weird, but its true, that wasn't helping me. so I began to wear at home my old clothes, even if they was too small as motivation. Ive been busy this summer and fall, winter with my jewelry and in this busy time I didn't notice that I lost a bit if weight. My friends began to ask me, have I lost weight and after those questions I was curious- am I?! after Christmas I opened my wardrobe and took my old dress size Small out from it to try on. Gosh, I could get in!!!OMG!then it's true, I have lost some weight.Yayyy! Ok, it doesn't fit me yet perfectly there is some lumps and bumps, but still for me its a lot.I'm so pleased. Lately we have been eating more home, cooking our meals and less eating sweets more fruits and I think that helped as well.
So You just keep being happy, busy and sexy, You will get what you want I truly believe it!

xoxo Ra

1xellus1 said...

Thank you for sharing your story. You are BEAUTIFUL, no matter what size. But I share your desire to lose excess weight. Congratulations on your business!

New Girl On the Block said...

You look great girl!! Tell us how you are doing it. I've lost 22lbs and I can't seem to lose anymore.

New Girl On the Block said...

You look great girl!! Tell us how you are doing it. I've lost 22lbs and I can't seem to lose anymore.

Natalie said...

Congrats Candy! You look GREAT! Love your story & you're a true inspiration...Ive watched you flourish on your blog & your personal business. Keep it up!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Congrats Candy. Keep it up. I lost 20 pounds in doing insanity.

Elizabeth Peregrina said...

that's fantastic!! Keep up the great journey!! Thank you for inspiring!

John B. Marine said...

Candy, you are quite the inspiration. I admire your inspiration and your drive to do what you do. I very much respect and honor you, and this was a great story. Keep up the great work!



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