Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday I'm in love

Well hello ladies, hope your having a great day. Its a rainy Friday been home all day with my little sickie baby she has a cough so I put  my mommy pants on  and took care of her the best I could. This would be her first time getting sick and let me tell you its nerve wracking ... Never had a baby before and never a sick baby and its so scary I mean when you have a cold you take something and power threw it but a baby oh my its don't use that use this what if ... you get the picture right

Well new moms out there just know whatever you do your doing a fantastic job, being a mom  is diffcult and you should always remind yourself how great your doing.

My daughter even when she's not feeling well she gives me this huge smile all my doubts vanish . Being a mom is a learning proccess and we can just take it a day at a time !!!

in other baby news !!! I have a baby section in the works  for my online store Fancy Steps . I'm so excited on this project.I can't say I know everything about baby clothes or shoes but I"m so eager to learn and I know whatever I do I will do it with love and with all I have so I have that going for me !!

well ladies duties call I'll talk to you all soon

email me if you to chat
talk to you later

Your friend

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