Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dinning room make over

well hello my friends I have another idea boiling in my brain to redue my dinning area . Mind you I live in a very small place. So when you have a small place you need big ideas to put everything you need. Now with Violet I want my dinning section to be more open more walk space and more seating what better way for all this to happen then to do a bench seating.

Like this

of course my place looks nothing like these pictures but one great thing I did get out of these images is the table and I love this table I think its great. Perfecto for my small family and for Violet I can move it around I think its perfect I found it at Ikea

ikea table

so that's a start right and I want to do a wall paper wall and I can't decided in colors

so well see where I take this I will for sure post pictures of the progress

talk to you soon any ideas head them my way !!!


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

good luck remodeling you home. My dinning room looks like a hot mess. Which i will be going on this weekend.Due to I'm having a dinner party next Friday.

Heather said...

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