Monday, June 2, 2014

I Moved ...

There always comes a time for new things,changes, goals to achieive limits to reach. My life these last couple of months have been amazingly blessed where I am today to where I was last year is no where near. As a couple my husband and I have good threw so much is so little time.The blessing of my daughter has opened our doors to so many things.

When your single you live anywhere, once a little one is in your life all views in life switch. Its like you have a third eye all of a sudden . Better schooling better neighborhood the list goes on and on .So my husband and decided to move home bigger and in a very nice neighborhood. I have always been a city action girl don't get me wrong this suburban lifestyle will take a bit to get use to. But its all for my daughter she's totally worth it !!

So now that I'm moving so many projects are awaiting for me so that being said I'm also moving my blog to a fashion blog to a lifestyle bog. Since my life has become so busy with diaper change to slipping on whatever looks decent I think its only fair to my blog and give it chance to grow with me. Hope you join me with this change really hope you do I'm planning to take my new home project with baby stuff and just blog about that of course I'm still a stylish momma when I can so I'll try to post some OOTD here and there jajaj

It was fun but time has changed and momma has new things to blog about !!!

         Farewell Curves Ahead fashion blog hello Curves Ahead mom and home deco projects

your friend ,



Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Congrats on your new home. I'm going to need you new address because you know I love sending card out. Also can't wait to see where you blog goes.

Ariana said...

Yay! I am so happy for you guys, change is always good. Wish you the best in this new journey ♥


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