Sunday, August 31, 2014

Let it Be saturday

Oh saturday's morning  your  my favorite. I get to have some free time my husband takes care of my little one and I go SHOPPING and not just SHOPPING home decoration shopping. I go  to my local yard sales and end up at HOME GOODS .And every saturday it doesn't disappoint It like a fashion decoration high it makes me happy and it inspires me to do so many things to my house.Every weekend I go with a budget from 100 to 20.00 . Oh saturday's morning thank you for giving me this little hobby its what I needed.Here's some finds I found so far tell me what you think

Yard sale find for 20.00
love my hollyowood chic inspired curtains pillow from home goods benches  Target table I repurposed bought off a online site  Michael's owl and decoration
Rug is from Target Jars and decoartion

I just love how my living room is coming out I always get complaimented of the decoartion

I bought the couches and have worked around the design which pulled the black and white feel of the room . When designing a space always get the bigger pieces first and the rest will follow TRUST ME

well I have lots more to show you but I will wait for another saturday  fun day



Unknown said...

Looks amazing, your style extends beautifully into the home. Love how the carpet brings it all together, love it!

John B. Marine said...

These are all very nice items. Great job of shopping around, Candy. Great to see you return to the blogosphere after some time off.


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